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About Us

Warren Mitchell, LCSW

We operate from the philosophy that each person is on a journey of discovery and expression of the greatness of who he or she. This process is for the benefit of the individual, his or her family and the greater good of the community. As individuals evolve in their personal development, others around them are challenged by their modeling to do the same.

As human and created beings we have an intimate union with Nature. We utilize the understanding of nature’s various life processes and cycles as guides or metaphors to help clients to heal, grow, and thrive as they achieve their personal goals. We teach clients, like nature, there are some areas along the journey towards wholeness or fulfillment that are painful or uncomfortable at least. However, that is not necessarily a sign to give up or walk away.

There are so many individuals, marriages, and families who are no longer able to hide or ignore the reality that some aspects of life, has become overwhelming. At Journey, we try to instill hope, a hope that is real. A seed endures underground during the harsh winter months, it perseveres, learning to utilize the elements of the wintery journey for its preparation and entrance into the spring, revealing the beauty of its essence. Our goal is to support each client in finding a way, during their dark nights, to hold on until the dawn lifts the cloak of darkness from their eyes to greet the sun’s rays in triumph. Yes, we believe it is possible!

We challenge clients to live by life-guiding principles that help them to actualize their potential and living a lifestyle of excellence, and resist participating in activities and/or associating with others who prevent them from being their best.

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