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You are the essence of greatness -



Best counselor and life coach . . .

Sah Fyhr

"Mr. Mitchell is by far the best counselor and life coach I have ever had the honour of meeting. He genuinely cares about the growth of his clients. He is professional yet down to earth, inviting and he potently operates in his gift of caring for others through therapy. I've healed, thrived and grown emotionally and spiritually because of his guidance. He is a blessing to me and my life and I'm so grateful for his life and his gift of being a counselor."

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Our team will help you identify the specific goals you and/or your family want to achieve. Our therapeutic work involves collaborating with you and/or your family to reach goals as quickly as possible. Through therapy sessions with our experienced team, we will help you and your family address specific areas of difficulty, build on strengths, change behaviors, and/or learn new skills. We strive to be open, understanding, and non-judgmental, and are respectful of each person’s needs, goals, and values.

Support Group Session
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Our Services

Initial Screening 


Psychosocial Assessment

Personalized Development Plans

Pre-Trial Diversion Programs


Individual Counseling/Therapy


Family Counseling/Therapy


Couples Counseling/Therapy


Group Counseling/Therapy



You are the essence of greatness -

We at Journey of self Discovery, LLC. are dedicated to providing personalized services that promote thriving communities by empowering individuals, families and groups to discover and express their sense of self, freedom, and responsibility.

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